Super Knight Rider 3000: The Return----Knight Rider The Movie

Enter The World Of A Man Who Does Not Exist And A Car Like No Other

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The SoundTrack Of Super Knight Rider 3000 Knight Rider The Return

Songs Featured In The Movie
1-Knight Rider Theme
Original Theme by Glen A. Larson
Performed by Michael Dunaway

2-Im In Love With My Car
Performed by Queen

3-Knight Rider
Peformed by TV Junkees feat. KITT

4-Right Here, Right Now
Performed by Fatboy Slim

Performed by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

6-Owner of A Lonely Heart
Performed by Yes

7-Dont Stop Me Now
Performed by Queen

8-Power Trip
Performed by Monster Magnet

9-Right Here, Right Now
Performed by Fatboy Slim

Performed by Prodigy

11-We Are The Champions
Performed by Queen

12-Stone Cold Crazy
Original Theme by Queen
Performed by Metallica

13-Keep Yourself Alive
Performed by Queen

14-The Beginning of One Man's Dream
Score by Michael Dunaway

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"Knight Rider", the characters, any any references to "Knight Rider" are copyrighted to MCA/Universal. Pontiac Trans Am is copyrighted to the Pontiac Motor Company.This is NOT a real film (This Some Day Will Be A Film And You Can Visit All The News About The UpComing Film at the site is only meant for fun. REPEAT: This is NOT a real film.

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